Project: Massimo Volonté and Michela M. Oliva

The challenge for R6003 was to preserve the original structure of 1910 apartment in the heart of Milan, while renovating, creating an eclectic atmosphere.

The wooden floors of the original living room and bedroom, effectively restored, have been assembled with gray marbles and a checkered black and white marbles.

The furniture is a combination of vintage pieces, from Liberty to the 50s, through nineteenth-century chairs and chandeliers recovered from a villa in the Florentine countryside.

The colors chosen for the apartment – light blue, powder blue and dark gray – embrace the art pieces of the house, including three large and perfectly restored Déco panels and a metal sculpture by Mario Sciortino.

A mix of styles that finds a pleasant and unexpected balance, a little gem in downtown Milan.

Juvara Apartment – Hallway
Juvara Apartment – Bedroom

Juvara Apartmenti – Entrance
Juvara Apartment – Kitchen
Juvara Apartment – Sitting Room