Kennedy Apartment


Project: Yacine Bensalem per In Situ & Partners
Procurement: R6003
Suppliers and materials research: R6003
Cost and management: R6003

For this Haussmann-style apartment in the heart of Paris, developed by architect Yacine Bensalem for In situ & Partners, we carried out a complete research and procurement activity, embracing a holistic and meticulous approach. Our focus was on the selection of high-quality suppliers and materials that represented the stylistic choices and functional requirements of the project.


Kennedy Apartment, Paris – Sitting Room

The collaboration with Mr. Bensalem required an extensive research and evaluation process, involving a wide network of suppliers and resources that was crucial to ensure the use of the most suitable materials, identifying more reliable and competent suppliers.

At the same time, we paid a particular attention to cost management. We made an accurate analysis to maintain the best balance between quality and budget compliance, with constant oversight on supplies and contractors involved in the process.

Kennedy Apartment, Paris – Studio

A continuous market research and exploration of new products were fundamental. Keeping a vision to embrace all the features of the projects allowed us to guarantee that our proposals for the project were the best possible options in terms of costs, respecting the aesthetics, helping concretely to keep the decision made during the project phase.

Our work contributed to the development of an exclusive apartment that embodies the essence of the elegance Parisienne and mixes it with contemporaneity.

Kennedy Apartment, Paris – Bedroom entrance
Kennedy Apartment, Paris – Bedroom

Kennedy Apartment – Bathroom
Kennedy Apartment, Paris – Walk-in closet